【Information】HowiseAI gets two consecutive years of AI 50 Campaign and makes buying insurance as easy as online shopping

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is popular. The startup company HowiseAI (Original English name is AI Clerk), which has been recognized by AI 50 Campaign of Smart City Summit & Expo for two consecutive years, launched the "AI Insurance Clerk", which uses natural language processing to share the part of the salesperson work and lets them do not have to bring a lot of document, to helps promote insurance sales.

The start-up company HowiseAI has won the honor of AI 50 Campaign of Smart City Summit & Expo for two consecutive years. According to reports, it's time-consuming to train an insurance salesperson, and the turnover rate is high. Hiring life insurance salespersons can't keep up with the leave, and online insurance shopping is also a trend. HowiseAI CEO Dr. Ru-Yng Chang said that there are many insurance products that are difficult to remember. For insurance salespersons, how to remember many insurance products is a challenge. Through natural language processing technology, HowiseAI exclusively developed the "AI Insurance Clerk" to help insurance salesmen memorize numerous insurance products and promote the sales of insurance products. AI Insurance Clerk allows policyholders to quickly find insurance products that meet their own needs, reduce the workload of insurance salespersons, and promote sales of insurance products.

"AI Insurance Clerk" developed by HowiseAI allows insurance salespersons or telephone customer service agents to input the personal conditions and needs described by the customer, such as: "I am worried that I will spend a lot of money on surgery if I get sick in the future or I will be unable to work if an accident occurs. I’m even more afraid that if I get old and get sick, no one will take care of me. Hiring a caregiver will cost a lot. I don’t know if there is suitable insurance. It’s best to capital protected insurance without life insurance." AI Insurance Clerk can recommend insurance products that customers are interested. Even if the original insurance product content doesn't have the keyword, AI Insurance Clerk can memorize many insurance products, lower the threshold caused by many difficult insurance words, and promote matching rate of insurance products and customers. In comparison with the traditional way, AI Insurance Clerk can also create a different insurance business model. Through the official website, APP, Facebook fan page and other channels, the policyholders can buy insurance as easy as online shopping.

With more than 25 years of experience in natural language processing, HowiseAI International Co., LTD. has been affirmed by many domestic and foreign competitions. HowiseAI makes buying insurance as easy as online shopping, and assists the insurer to usher in the era of artificial intelligence. HowiseAI is in contact with various insurance companies and insurance information platforms. Artificial intelligence will create the brand new consumer experience that is different from the previous experience of buying insurance!


HowiseAI International Co., LTD.

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